IRIScan Mouse Executive 2 Portable Scanner and Mouse


Looking for a portable way to scan documents so you can project and magnify them later? Thanks to the IRISCan Mouse Executive, you can. This extremely portable scanner also works as a regular mouse, making it perfect for use with your home desktop, as well as uploading documents to magnify on your computer monitor. Simply press the scan button on the side of the mouse, swipe in any direction on a document and watch the text appear on your computer screen. And the mouse can scan documents of any size, from books, newspapers, notes, letters to office documents, no matter the format or size. The documents you scan can be saved as fully searchable PDF files, or can be automatically retyped into Word, Excel, or any text-editing application ready to edit. It can even scan your child or grandchild's artwork, schoolwork and more, ready to project and magnify onto your screen. The possibilities with the IRIScan are endless!