The IRISPen Executive 7 is a full-feature, text-recognition scanner -- the size of a pen! Now scanning your documents for magnification on your computer is as simple as using a highlighter: simply slide the pen over any printed page and the text instantly appears on your monitor next to the cursor. Not only can you scan any document as easily as highlighting a page, the pen also features a built-in translator, so you can easily translate documents into the language of your choice. Simply choose the language you would like your book or document to be translated to, slide the pen over the page, and the translation will appear in no time. Use the IRISPen on any printed document: receipts, fax, magazines, books, letters, or newspaper, and the text will be automatically retyped into your computer, ready to magnify to help you see and read with ease. Not only that, the IRISPen has a built-in narrator that lets you listen to everything you scan, in 40 languages! This portable smart device makes it easy to scan and view your magnified documents with ease.


IRISPenExecutive 7